Anonymous asked: how did you make your aradiasprite frog eyes and skirt? they look so perfect!

Oh thank you!

The skirt is just 3 normal skirts on an elastic waistband(This was actually some bad planning on my part, I almost broke the sewing machine like that haha). I cut a huge rip into them down the front(and I sewed one short one on the inside because the rips ended up showing off my panties) then I just tore up the edges with a seam ripper and a pair of scissors to give it a tattered look.  

The frog eyes were actually made by my Jadesprite. She made them out of two halves of a styrofoam ball covered in model magic and a few layers of liquid latex. Then she painted them and hot glued them to two large clips.

Posted on October 22nd at 10:01 PM
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